Foinikounda, which is situated in the southwest region of Messinia, in between Methoni and Koroni, is a graphic fishing village with peaceful golden sandy beaches and clean crystal clear waters.

Over the past years Foinikounda has developed into a unique tourist resort area and is now a favorite destination for thousands of Greek and foreign visitors during the summer months. The area has experienced great tourist development and consists of a large number of hotels, furnished apartments, apartments for rent, camping grounds, restaurants, cafes, bars and tourist shops.

In the small graphic harbor of Foinikounda you will find small boats, fishing boats as well as excursion boats. You will also be able to enjoy fresh fish and seafood at the picturesque taverns by the sea.

A unique sight worth visiting are two of the three island complex of Oinouss. These two rocky islands, Schiza and Agia Marina (where you may also visit the chapel of Saint Marina) are surrounded by unforgettable waters. Although there is no specific boat to visit these two islands, you may visit them with some of the locals who make this small journey. If, however, you have your own boat you will be able to explore this unforgettable region for yourself.